Monday, August 6, 2012

Installing sharepoint server 2013 preview in stand alone system

After lot of fight with my machine, at the end I was able to install sharepoint 2013 preview version my stand-alone system. While installing, most of the time I faced pre-requisites issue .So, Please makes sure that your system is supporting and having all pre-requisites software which was recommended by Microsoft. Afterthat jump into installation steps.

Below listed pre-requisites software’s are needed to run sharepoint 2013 preview in your machine
1) Windows server 2008 R2 sp1 or later
2) SQL server 2008 R2 sp1 or later
You can get above mentioned software from Microsoft download site as trial version .In case, you are already having registered version of windows server 2008 R2 and Sql server 2008 R2 version, you have to upgrade your software before starting the sharepoint 2013 preview installation process.

To upgrade Windows server 2008 R2 to sp1 version, click following link
, download sp1 executable file and run it in your machine .It will take few minutes to install sp1 and in between in the installation process, it will automatically restart your machine.
For upgrading sql server 2008 R2 to sp1 version is also same process. You have to download sql server 2008 r2 sp1 executable file from Microsoft download center site, run it in your machine and follow the upgrade wizard steps
Sorry, I couldn’t cover in this article what are the hardware’s needed to run SharePoint 2013 server preview in stand-alone machine. However, you can see Hardware requirements for SharePoint 2013 Preview in the below link

After install pre- requisites software in your machine, download sharepoint 2013 server preview from below url . You need an hotmail email id to download the file.
Once you download the file, extract your .img file by using some extracting software such as Magic iso, daemon tool.

After extract operation complete, go to extracted file location and double click “Prerequisiteintaller.exe” file to check  all pre-requisites software has been installed in your machine, if not ,it will throw the error and read error and do appropriate action for error message .The prerequisiteinstaller will prefer environment to install sharepoint 2013 server preview and install windows app fabric, wcf software in your machine to support  sharepoint 2013 server latest service .Please make sure that your system is connected with internet while running prerequisitesinstaller file.

After installation of prerequisite software, this is a time to run share point 2013 server preview setup file .Run setup and enter product key that you can find in link which you used to download sharepoint 2013 server preview software.


Installation process will take some minutes to complete. After install sharepoint server 2013 preview  , you have to run configuration wizard steps which actually create configuration database in sql server system and follow the configuration wizard steps to complete full cycle of sharepoint 2013 server preview  process.At the end of configuration wizard steps, you will see a screen look like below .


Now, go and open browser and type your central administration site url, you can view your central administrator site looks like below screen.

You may feel that most of the steps are same as sharepoint 2010 installation .yes, I have already told that installation process is same if you preferred hardware and software requirements for sharepoint server 2013 preview.
If you face any issue during installation in your environments. Please let me know .I am very glad to help you.

Thanks for reading and my admin

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